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Big Little Lies: Madeline, Celeste and Jane
So it seems that I like to have lots of projects going on at once, so here goes another. I've only just begun working on these girls, but would like some feedback to point me in the right direction nonetheless, as I've found it very useful for my GoT sims. I loved Big Little Lies and it was one of my favourite shows the year it debuted, all of the actresses were amazing, particularly Nicole and Reese. I'm so excited for season 2!
Anyways onto the sims, they're relatively rough at the moment. Ignore the hair they're wearing, as I haven't bothered finding anything that will work better for their characters at the moment (other than Reese, as I think this hair is a good match), which reminds me, if anybody has a good recommendation for a hair that would work for Celeste please let me know, it's been difficult to find a hair that has this particular type of bangs!
Reese Witherspoons as Madeline Mackenzie:

Nicole Kidman as Celeste Wright:

Shailene Woodley as Jane Chapman: Probably the roughest of them all, however I think there is definitely a likeness there!

Also, yes, I am using a mug shot of when Shailene was arrested for a comparison picture lol.

Thanks very much if you can offer some advice! x
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