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Default To many download files showing
Okay, I clicked on the show all files at bottom of page, now I have 8003 sims 4 files showing up each time I log in. Can not figure out how to return back to the original format of showing only the newest 400 and some files I was seeing before I did this..... Tried all the editing filters and had no luck. Help.....
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I suppose you could try setting your download filters to display compatible downloads only...

(Although if you actually have all the Sims 4 packs, this wouldn't eliminate much.)

I am Ghost. My husband is sidneydoj. I post, he downloads, and I wanted to keep my post count.
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I've tried it all. So your saying I can't back to a regular download page for Sims 4 downloads. When I first started here it was like 500 or so, not the 8000 or so I have now. I'm stumped.
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Hi @CLMerz48 !

You're probably referring to a small site change! It indeed used to be the thing where you could only see 500 downloads. However, once you got to the 500th download, you wouldn't be seeing older content, thus a bit unfair for creators who do update their mods but are alllll the way at the end of the list. Hence why we made the decision

Wondering though, are you experiencing any issues like long loading time, etc due to it?
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Not having any issues with the loading time. Thank for letting me know, was driving me crazy.
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